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5 Benefits of Vitamin C for Skin!

With the winter season now here, skincare is by far one of the most important aspects of a quality aesthetics routine – especially in NYC, as the lack of humidity and the bone-chilling winter winds can wreak havoc on your skin. However, according to the skincare experts at Luxe Den, the best medspa NYC has to offer, there are a number of treatments that would help quite a bit. Believe it or not, vitamin C is one of the best skincare additives around! Yea, that vitamin C – the same one your mom begged you take to avoid getting a cold in the winter! When it comes to skincare treatment NYC medical spa, Luxe Den has been able to infuse a number of amazing ingredients into their facials and peels – one of which of course being vitamin C for skin. These facials and peels have completely helped some patients to restore and reinvigorate their skin in no time – a big reason why they’re considered to be the best medspa NYC has in practice. According to skincare experts at Luxe Den, the best med spa NYC has to offer, vitamin c is a bit of a “secret weapon” used in some of the best skincare topicals and supplements out there. In fact, vitamin c offers a number of valuable antioxidant benefits to help detoxify our skin and body as a whole. You’d be surprised to know that vitamin c has become a staple ingredient in some of your favorite skincare cleansers and toners. To better educate you on vitamin c for skin, the team at Luxe Den offers these little-known benefits for your skincare.

·         Collagen Formation

According to the team at Luxe Den, the top medical spa Midtown Manhattan has in practice, one of the best benefits of vitamin c for skin is the formation of additional collagen for the body. When it comes to skincare treatment NYC medical spa, Luxe Den recommends patients find whatever products they can to increase collagen stores – as it is the main protein that forms our skin tissue and connective tissue. It is also responsible for providing our skin the soft, supple feel and volume that is lost as a result of age.

·         Wounds and Skin Damage Healing

When we incur skin damage because of cuts and scrapes to the skin’s surface, using vitamin c it works as a topical wound healing cream and helps to rebuild skin tissue, at a much faster rate than our normal cellular regeneration.

·         Detoxification

Considering that vitamin c is thought to be one of the most powerful antioxidants known to us these days, this is by far one of the most effective uses of vitamin c as both a topical and oral consumable supplement. Vitamin c helps to rid our individual cells from certain toxins that are known to damage the cells from the inside. According to the team at Luxe Den, the top medical spa Midtown Manhattan patients trust, by detoxifying our cells, we are able to remove certain blemishes, infectious issues such as acne, and limit the production of certain oils that hamper our skin’s health over time. In addition, removing these toxins will improve circulation to the skin and allow the skin to breathe better.

·         Protects Against Sun Damage

Vitamin C also acts as somewhat of a protective layer around the skin’s surface, protecting us against the sun’s harmful UV rays. This helps us to combat against sun spots and pigmented discolorations or sun lesions. These are not only harmful to the health of the skin, but also damper our aesthetic appearance, leaving the skin darker and discolored in blotchy areas. As the top medical spa Midtown Manhattan patients trust for their skincare needs, Luxe Den offers a number of different topicals to deal with these sun related issues – in terms of both prevention and treatment.

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