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Dealing with Dry Skin This Winter

As we enter the chilly, dry, winter months, many of us New Yorkers are dreading the snow and bone-chilling cold weather to come. Despite the impending cold weather, one thing that can definitely make you happy the summer is over, is the end of that unbearable humidity and those 100-degree days in which you simply can’t help but sweat through your shirt! According to the skincare experts at Luxe Den, the top medical spa midtown has to offer, the summer in New York can wreak havoc on the skin of those who are prone to oily skin – causing breakouts, clogged pores and more! The sad fact is that the winter months aren’t any easier to deal with, as they are notorious for the lack of humidity and their effects on dry skin. When it comes to having dry skin NYC med spa, Luxe Den luckily offers a number of amazing treatment options – including both treatments and products to take home and apply topically – a big reason why they are considered to be the top medical spa Midtown has to offer.

The thing about dry skin is that it’s not just the dryness itself that presents issues, it’s the effect the dryness can have on other skincare issues. From wrinkles and fine lines, discolorations and other blemishes – dry skin is known to amplify the effects, drastically causing these signs of aging to worsen and making treatment infinitely harder to come by. In fact, according to the experts at Luxe Den, the top medical spa Midtown has in practice, since the skin is our body’s natural defense barrier from bacteria and other environmental inhabitants, dry skin causes a major disruption in the protection and can even cause open sores or wounds to develop, allowing bacteria and other harmful compounds to easily gain access and cause extreme damage in some cases. To better understand dry skin and how exactly we should treat it, here’s some help from the experts on dry skin NYC med spa, Luxe Den.

What Causes Dry Skin?

Whether it be from sweating or other means, we tend to lose over a pint of water a day, just from the skin’s surface! This is a condition known as trans-epidermal water loss or TEWL. This issue can be affected by a variety of factors including low humidity, over-exfoliation, harsh soaps or products, the use of alcohol-based toners, chlorinated water, sun exposure and much more. In addition, those with skin disorders like eczema or psoriasis are known to experience water loss far greater and much easier. According to skin, once the water concentration of the skin dips below 10% it can now be categorized as dry skin. Luckily, the experts on dry skin NYC med spa, Luxe Den, have got a few amazing solutions for the winter.

How Do We Treat Dry Skin?

Generally, there are three main methods that must be followed in order to keep the skin well hydrated and prevent the water concentration to dip below the 10% mark. They include:

·         Moisturizing as much as possible! Helps to seal in the water within the skin.

·         Using a humidifier. The humidity should be kept between 30 & 50%, for optimal skin conditions.

·         Avoid over exposure to certain soaps, toners and other products that irritate the skin and harm the skin’s outer layer of protective oils.

At Luxe Den, the team uses a number of moisturizers to heal dry skin and the leftover symptoms. Once that is done, they use additional products to help prevent any future water loss and rebuild the protective barrier around the skin – preventing any future water loss. For more information on dry skin or to schedule an appointment, be sure to contact the NYC Med Spa, Luxe Den today.