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3 Common Acne Triggers

With over 50% of the US population suffering from some form of acne, it’s easily become one of the most common skincare concerns across the country. And while many consider acne to be an issue almost exclusively for teens and young adults, in reality the majority of that 50% are adults! And when it comes to acne treatment NYC has become one of the most prevalent areas of concern, due to the constant fluctuations in weather. New York City is known for its unbearably hot, humid summers, and bone-chilling, dry winters. These ups and downs in humidity are the most prominent reasons for acne breakouts. But lucky for those seeking acne treatment NYC med spas, Luxe Den offers some of the newest and most effective skin care protocols around – a big reason why they are considered to be the best medspa Midtown has to offer. While acne treatment is certainly important, the fact is that prevention is the best cure for acne issues. There are countless triggers out there, and while we all have different skin types and body chemistry, some of these triggers are universal to any type of skin. Sure, we’ve been warned for years about food choices like chocolate or greasy burgers, and while these things are common, there are a lot more things we do and use on a daily basis that may be triggering our acne breakouts – no matter of age or gender. According to the team at Luxe Den, the best med spa Midtown has to offer, acne issues are often caused by a sum of different contributory factors, rather than just one individual cause. And in many instances, making changes in your lifestyle habits can prove to be a valuable substitute for invasive procedures, or topical treatments. To better help you understand the causes behind your acne breakouts, here are a few of the most common daily triggers for acne.

·         Your Sheets and Pillowcase

The fact is that we spend upwards of a third of our lives in bed, and for those 8 hours every night, there is a lot of dirt, germs, and dead skin cells being transferred onto your pillowcase – one of the most common acne triggers. And with your head pressed firmly onto your pillowcase for those sleeping hours, you are essentially exposing your skin to this dirt and bacteria on a nightly basis, over and over again. It is vital to change your pillowcase and sheets often and as much as possible. In the event you can’t, we recommend placing a clean towel or even a t-shirt on top of it before bed.

·         Your Cell phone, Tablets and Other Electronics

In today’s digital world, smartphones are an essential part of everyday life. And for better or worse, most of us probably couldn’t survive without them, at least not anymore. Considering that are phone are almost always in our hands and being exposed to the outside world of germs and elements, the screens are almost always picking up dirt and debris from the environment. And as a result, when they are pressed against our faces during a call, they can transfer these foreign bacteria, that otherwise would never make contact with our face. This is vital to the health of your skin and overall health. According to some studies, scientists have found some of the craziest germs and bacteria on the phones of New Yorkers, from fecal matter to E.Coli and staph infection bacteria. As the best med spa Midtown has to offer, LuxDen recommends patients wipe their phone screens with alcohol upwards of 2-3 times a week, in order to keep them dirt and bacteria-free.

·         Sleeping with Makeup

This is something women, and some men have probably heard all their lives, but maybe not for the right reasons. The fact is that sleeping with your makeup on is a huge irritant to your skin and even the best makeup will hinder your skin’s ability to rejuvenate itself and clog your pores overnight. The night is when our body replenishes, and it needs to be able to breathe to do so. When your skin can’t breathe is simply stays stagnant, and in conjunction with the irritation, clogged pores, and overall inflammation caused by your makeup – acne breakouts are bound to happen. This is one of the biggest acne triggers for women around. When it comes to Acne Treatment NYC med spa, Luxe Den believes patients should use a facial wipe as part of their everyday routine anyway – they often work in this situation as well, a quality, fragrance-free, set of makeup-remover wipes by your bedside can do a world of good!

When it comes to acne treatment nyc there are a number of different options out there, but the trick is to avoid common triggers and not make your skin worse than it might already be. For more information on acne treatment or to schedule a consultation, contact NYC med spa, Luxe Den today.