Want to treat your tresses? Kerasatase or Shu-Eumura have got the perfect solution to nourish your locks. Our expertly trained team of stylists will transform your tresses and leave you feeling like the next Social Media sensation.

*All our blow dry sessions include indulgent in-salon Kerastase or Shu-Eumura Treatment
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balayage highlights manhattan nyc

The problem with big-name colorists is that their assembly-line highlights often overshadow a haircut instead of complementing it. Elba's personalized approach to hair color is as down-to-earth as the homey, neighborhood salon she works out of. The queen of the bombshell blonde takes things slowly to achieve masterful, glowing, barely there highlights. More info about Elba's Balayage in the following link


*Olaplex-Shoot and Blow-dry included.
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Depending on your aesthetic, our Luxe Den Salon Hair Stylist will help you choose the best option for Keratin Treatment in the market from Brazilian Blow Out to Peter Coppola or blonde protection Keratin Complex for just a flat rate of $200. Great for any hair length.


*Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout Flat Rate long or short hair.
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