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Kerastase® Hair Treatments


Experience a luxurious, deep conditioning, in-salon ritual for ultimate hair transformation. A Kérastase in-salon ritual is a customized program, which begins with a one-on-one consultation and a hair diagnostic conducted by our experienced hair care professionals. They will select the appropriate in-salon ritual and recommend a personalized home care program best suited to your hair and scalp needs.

Fusio-Dose Instant Ritual Whether you desire color protection, intense nourishment, reinforcement of fiber, or density replacement, our hair care professionals will assess both your primary and secondary hair needs. They will then personalize the appropriate combination of powerful concentrates and maximum strength boosters to micro-diffuse your scalp and strands, satisfying your individualized needs.

Indulgent Masque Ritual Indulgent textures and a truly sensorial experience ensures that you are left completely relaxed and your hair transformed deep-down. This combination of a concentrated masque application and either a massage or steam treatment allows for product penetration and 15 minutes of indulgent bliss.