Body Treatments

Purifying Body Wrap


This seaweed body wrap is an excellent herbal skin care treatment as it will cleanse and detoxify the body. The skin absorbs minerals that are essential for restoring tone and vitality. These minerals also help to disperse fatty deposits ensuring soft, fresh, healthy skin. Targets cellulite, connective tissue debility with water retention, slackened dermal tissue after pregnancy, and after intensive slimming treatment. 60 Minutes - $150

Deep Hydrating Wrap


This luxurious wrap will hydrate your entire body. Our specially formulated masque is rich with ingredients that will intensively drive moisture into the skin. Gentle soothing massage techniques will leave you in a state of ultimate relaxation while leaving your skin silky and smooth. (Not Recommended for Pregnant/Nursing women) 60 Minutes - $150

Crystal Sea Salt Body Polish


Unleash soft, glowing youthful skin. Enjoy exfoliation prior to a massage, facial or alone for silky smooth lovely skin. Eucalyptus | Lavender | Peppermint 30 Minutes - $125

Moroccan Oil Ritual


This luxurious treatment will leave you revitalized, refreshed and relaxed. Enjoy the detoxifying and invigorating benefits of a full body dry brush exfoliation followed by Moroccan Oil’s radiance boosting Body Buff, a uniquely luxurious orange peel scrub that gently exfoliates your skin, preparing it for the rich, hydrating effects of Moroccan Oil’s Body Soufflé. Once the skin is cleansed and revitalized, the warmly fragranced Body Soufflé is applied in a circular motion to stimulate blood flow, ensuring ultimate hydration for your skin and ultimate relaxation for your mind. 50 Minutes - $150

Foot Refreshing Treatment


Luxurious Foot Treatment leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated 30 Minutes - $85